Ongoing review and evaluation of the eGuide CWH&S progress was performed during the second and third transnational meetings of the partners against both the short-term tasks and the project Quality Management Plan agreed at the start of the action.

The partners discussed and agreed on the design and contents of the project website

Special emphasis was put on the partners’ presentations of their dissemination activities, including a thorough overview of the presented evidence, e.g. snapshots of web publications, newsletters, e-mail signatures, etc.

The project brochure and first issue of the ezine were presented as well and the partners were provided with the master files in English as to be able to translate them into their national languages.

Further with regards to the dissemination activities the partners agreed that the project should be promoted to the EU-OSHA who are based in Bilbao, Spain. The Spanish Partner CEEI-Burgos agreed to take charge of establishing a contact with the EU-OSHA and presenting the project.