Rural tourism is one of the best ways to get to know the traditions of a country. Staying in the countryside tourists have the opportunity to appreciate traditional lifestyles and the culture of the destination country. The hospitability of the local population, the unique yet different cuisine, the customs and crafts, the architectural sites and the beautiful surroundings all contribute to make rural tourism memorable.

Back to Nature project aims to adapt the results of the former Protour project by developing new curricular, training modules and case studies, as to create a complete vocational training package in rural tourism that will be delivered on-line to VET teachers, tutors, tourism entrepreneurs and managers.

The objectives of the project are targeted at promoting the growth of rural tourism by:
– Awareness raising focused at the rural areas with potential for tourism;
– Training of VET teachers/tutors in rural tourism to achieve better dissemination and valorisation of project’s outputs;
– Training of entrepreneurs and manages involved in tourism;
– Launching a dialogue among the trainers from the partner countries;
– Transferring best practice between the project partners.

Additionally, Back to Nature project will expand the innovative results by developing the training programme in the form of an e-learning tool. The training materials included in the e-learning tool will be developed in Turkish, German, Bulgarian, Latvian and English.

The project consortium consists of 9 partners from Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria and Latvia:
– Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TR (Applicant organisation)
– BEST Institute for vocational training, AT
– Mid Yorkshire commerce and Industry – Branch Bulgaria, BG
– Latvian Country Tourism Association, LV
– Karadeniz Technical University, Vocational College of Tourism, TR
– Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TR
– Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, Blacksea Board, TR
– Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, TR