MAKRO Danişmanlik (MAKRO Consulting), Turkey

MAKRO is an international management consulting company active in promoting lifelong learning and training for adults with special interest in SME and private sector development.

The company provides various business development services, including promotion, development and implementation of new technology based investments, joint venture possibilities and mergers, entrepreneurship development, business start-ups, training in internationalization, business planning, and financial management.
Company business is conducted legally and in highly professional manner, as well as by respecting human rights and safeguarding clients’ confidentiality.

Scientific and Technical Union of Forestry, Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s largest creative and professional organisation with a wide range of activities, which collaborates with experts in forestry, woodworking, furniture production, landscape engineering, environmental protection, pulp and paper production.

The Scientific and Technical Union of Forestry organises discussions, conferences, training courses, and other scientific and technical events. The organisation works with prominent scientists and lecturers from the University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria as well leading experts from the Bulgarian national institutions like the Executive Forestry Agency to the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Foods, the Forest Research Institute to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Pulp and Paper Institute, etc. Foreign lecturers are also attracted to collaborate with the Scientific and Technical Union of Forestry.

Progetto Donna, Italy

Progetto Donna is a study centre on women-men equal opportunities from Bologna, Italy.
On a national level the organisation works with public and private institutions, universities, employers’ associations, training bodies, ministries, regional governments and town councils. Internationally Progetto Donna collaborates with partners from Germany, Spain, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Austria and Norway.

The experts at Progetto Donna offer high level advice and support in a range of activities from enterprise organisation through gender mainstreaming to labour market policies and social relations.

Progetto Donna is certified in UNI RN ISO 9001:2000.

Аспекти България ООД

Aspekti Bulgaria was established in 2007 to join the experience and to develop the potential of a team of experts in the following areas:

  • Project development, implementation and management of EU funded initiatives;
  • Translation and revision of EU legislation and other official publications;
  • Training and development – drafting of development plans and strategies, provision of language training and VET;
  • Market research;
  • Business support services to SMEs.

Since 2008 the company provides translation jobs under framework contracts with DG Translation, Brussels and the Translation Centre for the Bodies of European Union, Luxembourg.

Also, Aspekti Bulgaria contributes to the development, management and implementation of EU funded projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci Sectoral Programme as a part of MYCCI Bulgaria’s team.