On 14 and 15 November 2013 MYCCI Bulgaria hosted the first international meeting under the eGuide CWH&S project. Representatives of the seven partner organizations gathered together to discuss the details of the project, outline the forthcoming activities and events in the short term and set specific targets towards the achievement of the aims and objectives of the action.

More specifically, the meeting sessions were dedicated to the transfer of innovation character of the project, including the adaptation focus based on previous results, the seven principles of the transfer of innovation and the development of innovative content.

Furthermore, the partners discussed and agreed on the project Quality Management Plan, Dissemination Strategy, Dissemination Action Plan, Activities Plan for the first project year and other operational documents related to the smooth and proper implantation of the project.

The Work Packages were also reviewed in details in terms of their objectives, partners’ roles and results to be achieved.

The first major task for all partners is to conduct country research on the EU state of the art and national rules and regulations concerning the health and safety signs and signal in construction industry. The findings will be presented by the partners during the second meeting and further summarized in a single document that will be uploaded in the project website.