Along with globalization the markets are becoming more competitive especially in international trade where SMEs are forced to improve their capacity in order to survive in the long run in a highly dynamic environment.
International trade support services provided by intermediary business support organizations need to adapt their current range of services to take account of these demands, by training SMEs to fulfil aspects of international trade independently and confidently.

Export Expert project aims to:

  • Increase foreign trade capabilities of SMEs staff to an average level compatible with the established enterprises of EU 15;
  • Minimize identified training gaps across countries with lack on expert activities;
  • Create a communication network; and
  • Transfer best practices and expertise between partners.

The outcome of the project is a multilingual e-learning module and supporting multimedia elements. To enhance the learning experience the training module will be enriched with the latest interactive learning solutions such as simulation tools, interactive games, online quizzes etc. Additional multimedia items will be produced to promote the project to the target groups through various activities.

The Project offers an innovative approach to:

  • Developing a training material which does not currently exists in the lead partner’s country;
  • Utilising new techniques to reinforce distance learning and adapt standard training methods for different end–users;
  • Creating a European training model and an efficient methodology for transferring of knowledge.

The project targets small or medium enterprises in a wide range of sectors (manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, materials, etc) and trains managers and/or staff linked with export activities helping them become “export experts“.

Regional Development Agency Porin, Croatia (Applicant)
Makro, TR
Eurocrea Merchant, IT
Business Development Friesland, NL
Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Branch Bulgaria, BG
Crystal Clear Soft, GR